Matt's Winning, Needs Your Help!Matt's Winning, Needs Your Help!

Poll Gives Rosendale a 10-Point Advantage | October 25, 2016

Breaking News! A recent poll commissioned by Lee Newspapers shows Matt with a 10-point advantage in the race for State Auditor.

While this is welcomed news, it also means the Democrats are outraged and ready to spend the last two weeks of this election cycle throwing thousands of dollars at try to defeat Matt. They'll stoop to any level; their lies are meant to mislead you. Don't believe them!

Matt needs your support down the final stretch! Click "Chip in Today" (below) to stand with Matt. Your contribution of $25, $50, $100, $200 or more will go a long way toward helping Matt put this race away!

You can read the Billings Gazette article here:

Matt Receives Major Endorsements!Matt Receives Major Endorsements!

Rosendale Endorsed by Several Key Montana Organizations | October 9, 2016

Matt Rosendale has been endorsed by the Montana Farm Bureau Federation, the Stockgrowers' PAC (Montana Agricultural PAC) and the Montana Association of REALTORS!

Matt has also been named a 3-time Montana Chamber of Commerce "CHAMPION OF BUSINESS!"

We need someone in the Auditor's Office who understands that lowering the cost of doing business allows our economy to grow and employers to create more jobs! Vote Rosendale for State Auditor!