Matt for Montana - Stepped In It
Matt for Montana - Haircut
Sen. Rand Paul Endorses Matt Rosendale for U.S. Senate
Senator Ted Cruz Endorses Matt Rosendale!
Mike Lee Endorses Matt Rosendale!
Momentum #MattMeansBusiness
2nd Amendment - Defending Our Rights

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I’m not running to bring home the bacon – I’m running to slaughter the hog of big government. I’m in this race to get the government off our backs and to protect our Montana way of life. I’ll fight for more freedom, prosperity, and liberty for all Montanans.

I get things done.

Matt Rosendale

Matt Means Business.

About Matt

Matt Rosendale, 57, is a rancher, businessman and proven leader. He is the son and brother of U.S. Marines. Matt was instrumental in taking a five agent, one office real estate firm and growing it into a four office, 65 agent organization. He was a broker and owner..

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