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About Matt

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Matt Rosendale, 57, is a rancher, businessman and proven leader. He is the son and brother of U.S. Marines.

Matt was instrumental in taking a five agent, one office real estate firm and growing it into a four office, 65 agent organization. He was a broker and owner.

When he is not in Helena doing his work as Montana’s State Auditor, he and his wife Jean live on their family ranch north of Glendive, in Eastern Montana. Matt has spent many long hours mending fences, herding cattle and working the land. After living and working in their tight-knit community for a nearly a decade, Matt was asked by community members to run for the Montana legislature in 2010.  

In 2014, Matt was elected by his colleagues in the State Senate as the Majority Leader. In February of 2016, Matt announced his candidacy to be Montana’s State Auditor (Commissioner of Securities and Insurance). Despite being outspent 4:1, Matt won by nearly 8 points.

In addition to his responsibilities as Commissioner of Securities and Insurance, the Office of State Auditor is one of the five members of the State Land Board. Matt has been recognized by his colleagues on the Land Board as the expert in land use and management, and has fought tirelessly to improve access to public lands. 

Matt and Jean have three sons, Matthew Jr, Brien and Adam. Matt and Jean are very active in their community, their church and the political process. They have been married for nearly 32 years.





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